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3 Important Factors You Must About Know About For Your Muscle Building

3 factors for better muscle building

Are you working out hard in the gym to build lean muscle and strength? You know that your diet in order but still got the feeling that something is not quite right?

Perhaps you are not getting the results you were expecting or feel that you do not have the right stamina to hit it hard?

If yes, then you are probably right, there is something that is not quite right and needs to get fixed!

In this article, we are going to teach you about three important factors that you might have overlooked. These three factors are vital to your success, so I suggest that you spend the next 5 minutes to read this article.

When you want to build some lean muscle and strength, there are three important factors besides the importance of your diet and going to the gym to lift some weight.

Your Protein Intake

You probably already know the importance of proteins in your diet. My guess is also that you are having some meal around every three hours or so.

But are you sure you are getting the proteins your body need to build lean muscles?

One thing is having a sandwich with slices of chicken, but it is often not enough when it comes to getting enough proteins for your muscle building!

Remember you are a muscle builder, you need more proteins than the average person. A good indication here is to make sure that you get between 1 and 1.2 grams of proteins for each pound of bodyweight you have.

If you want to gain more muscle mass you should aim to get even more than 1.2 grams of protein per pound. So if you weight 180 pounds, you should aim to get around at least 216 grams of proteins per day.

It is an amount that is quite a bit higher than the average American diet and for many guys, it can be quite difficult to maintain such a high intake of proteins daily.

Our Protein Intake Example

Let’s see an example of how you can get that amount of proteins daily. Please take notice that this is not a diet sample but an example of how you can get 216 grams from various sources of food


Two whole eggs and four egg whites

100 grams of lean chicken, fish or meat

One glass of skimmed milk

a total of 60 grams


250 grams of lean meat, chicken or fish

a total of 50 grams of proteins


300 grams of lean meat, chicken or fish

a total of 60 grams of proteins

Post Workout Protein Shake

a total of 25 grams of proteins


Meat, shake, cottage cheese, yogurt or similar

a total of 25 grams of proteins

Overall this should give a total of 220 grams of proteins and is not that difficult to accomplish when we break the numbers down like this.

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Your Testosterone Levels and Muscle Building

No, we are not talking about anabolic steroids or hormones but your body’s natural levels of testosterone. If your levels are low, it is going to take you longer to build that set of lean muscles and strength.

Your levels of testosterone are determined by your genes and what you eat. If your levels are low it mainly thru your diet, you are making the changes.

To fix your testosterone levels, you need to make sure to get enough zinc and good cholesterol from your diet. Nutrients like spinach, nuts, and salmon are great choices here. Also, make sure to eat whole eggs in the morning. Yolks come with lots of cholesterol, minerals, and vitamins all good for your testosterone levels.

If you are anxious about your levels of testosterone and is looking for a quick fix solution, then take a closer look at Testogen that comes with powerful Fenugreek and D-aspartic acid. Both ingredients have shown to be quite useful when you almost instant want to raise your testosterone levels.

Your Nitric Oxide Levels and Muscle Building

Next piece of the puzzle is your nitric oxide levels. Now we have your protein intake in place, the next step is to make sure that you are getting all the proteins out to your muscles. Here your nitric oxide levels is a major factor.

The higher levels of nitric oxide you have available, the more blood, oxygen, and nutrients you will be able to push out to your muscles. It means you will have more building blocks available for your muscle building.

The best way to make sure your nitric oxide levels are high enough is to get an ingredient called L-Arginine. It is an amino acid that normally comes with your diet, but many guys can with benefit take it as a supplement. One of the best supplements here is with no doubt Crazybulks HGH-X2. It is a great muscle building supplement that can give you similar effects as steroids. But here you are not risking breaking the law.


So first of all, keep working out and maintain your muscle-building diet with lots of proteins. But do bear in mind these three important factors for your muscle building. Taking care of them will ensure that you are not wasting your time in the gym.

It is also a good idea to keep educating yourself and two good ways to get started is to learn more about nitric oxide levels in this article. After that, you also need to find out more about testosterone and the importance of this hormone in your body. Check out this link to find out more.

Finally, have a look at the video below. It is from the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger giving you some of his best muscle building tips.

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